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Providing top-quality products and consultancy services to meet your business needs


Management Consultancy

We offer management consultancy services to help streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and implement effective strategies that drive business success.

Fund Raising Consultancy

Our services are focused on helping you secure the necessary funds to fuel your business growth. We offer specialized assistance for both EU and Non-EU funding options.
Wholesale Trading


We offer various motors to meet all your industrial and commercial needs including high-performance motors, durable internal combustion engines, and efficient hybrid options providing motors that combine reliability, and efficiency.

Building Materials

Discover a comprehensive selection of building materials designed to support your construction projects from start to finish. We supply top-quality cement, bricks, steel, wood, and other essential materials sourced from trusted manufacturers.

Aluminum Products

We specialize in providing premium aluminum products that meet the highest quality and performance standards. Our product range includes aluminum sheets, plates, and custom profiles suitable for a variety of industries such as aerospace, automotive, and construction.

Motor Spare Parts

We afford several components, including bearings, gears, filters, and seals, sourced from leading manufacturers to ensure compatibility and longevity. Our inventory is curated to provide reliable, high-quality parts that minimize downtime and maintenance costs.