We are a group of qualified experts from all over the world

We are dedicated to empowering public and private organizations to harness the exciting opportunities emerging globally. We are value creators, driven by the positive impact of our projects on communities and future generations. Our unique consultancy framework is inspired by our extensive network of suppliers and business partners, helping us facilitate and resolve business challenges efficiently.

Ahmed El Saftawy

About us

We create opportunities. Experience a new horizon of what strategic sourcing and consultancy can achieve for your business.

We believe in the power of strategic partnerships and innovative solutions to transform businesses and communities. Our commitment is to create lasting value and drive sustainable growth for our clients in the ever-evolving global market.

Opportunity Sourcing Finding reliable suppliers for strategic products like aluminum can be challenging, especially during supply and demand imbalances. ElSaftawy Group leverages its extensive network to source these products from trusted suppliers, ensuring adherence to international best practices. We also connect you with legitimate buyers and projects for your commodities.
Product Representation Looking for an international business partner or planning to start a joint venture? ElSaftawy Group can help. We conduct thorough due diligence to recommend the best partners who match your criteria, ensuring successful collaborations that drive your business forward.
Engagement with ElSaftawy Group is through a certain process:
  • Scoping: During this stage we agree with our client on all requirements including specification, certification, destination, payment terms, target price, terms and conditions … etc
  • Agreement: An intelligent sourcing agreement is signed with the client including the time frame, ElSaftawy Group Fees structure, NCNDA, and authorization letter, and exclusivity for two weeks to two months depending on the requirement.
  • Closure: In the last phase, ElSaftawy Group use its intelligence system, network, ambassadors and industry experience to reach the best recommendation as per the project scope.

Ahmed El Saftawy

The visionary founder and CEO of ElSaftawy Group brings over 20 years of expertise in strategic sourcing and business consultancy. Based in Dubai, Ahmed has built a reputation for driving innovation and fostering sustainable growth in the Middle East and Africa. With a deep understanding of complex markets and a commitment to creating lasting value, Ahmed leads ElSaftawy Group with a passion for transforming challenges into opportunities, benefiting clients and communities alike.